Murder Mystery Investigation

MMI is an evolutionary new product which exposes intellectually based teambuilding at it’s best! It is designed to test a team’s ability to overcome overwhelming situations and solve complex problems. A dead body, blood stained room, DNA, forensic testing, finger prints, hair, tyre treads, interviews, lab tests, autopsy results, police work, 5 suspects and a very strange morgue receptionist, all add to the intrigue as you find the murderer!

Lego Build-It

In this activity, the objective is to build a complete object (helicopter, truck or crane). In order to do this we need plans and Lego pieces, all of which are gained through intellectual and challenging exercises. Once the plans are gained, the building team can race to finish the exercise.

Art In the Park

Expand your horizons and see how your creative mind can stretch with a beautiful setting and create the new master piece through your teams input and ideas that will blow the other teams away.

Interactive Drumming

Interactive drumming and developing an “orchestra” comprised of various different instruments. It’s great fun by the ‘silent conductor’.

Interactive Gumboot Dancing

Join the swing of “deep down” JHB as we smack our gumboots, clap in rhythm and create a harmony within the team. Can be combined with drumming, as well as creating your team orchestra. 

Murder Dinner

Like the game cluedo? This is the same but with real people and real clues to see who can find out which character is the killer as lies and deceits are thrown around the room to discover the killer.

Heritage Sports Day

Join us for a day of high tea and decadence, as we engage in a number of colonial sports. Activities will include boules, croquet and French cricket. This teambuild is one of our latest editions and is totally unique. This experience can really only be enjoyed by dressing up and playing the part.

Beyond Strip

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