5 Camp Challenge

Teams will participate in a round robin whilst taking part in the very unique 5 camp challenge, namely Adventure Camp, Airventure Camp, Brain Camp, Water Camp and Traditional Camp that can be customized for each setting.

Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is the ultimate team event that tests the endurance and coordination within a team. Just as you have seen on TV, see our great country from a really different angle. Lies, deception, clues and intrigue, teams will be pushed to the limit. Venues: Soweto, Fourways, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Parys, Magaliesburg

Geo Seek

There is a maniac out there who has set a bomb to incinerate the city and all within it. “It’s time to find the bomb!” The Geo Seek Challenge is an action packed, interactive programme allowing your team to use a GPS, maps, clues and instinct to retrieving clues which will finally take your team to the finish where you can disarm the BOMB!

Looney Games

How Looney can you go!? Teams and individuals will be put through a series of “Looney” activities which will have you catapulting chickens through the air, snorkelling through mud and many more crazy events! This is a great event to get people out of their comfort zones and working together as a team to be the looniest of them all!

Survivor Challange

You’ve seen it first on TV, great explorers have had to do it, and now we give you the chance to show your true survival instincts. It has nothing to do with physical strength but plenty to do with attitude and the will to succeed. To be a true survivor, you must really want to survive…this is your opportunity to unleash your natural instinct.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is a non-tiring fun participative event. Lies, deception, clues and … success! Following clues given to you in any form or manner – your objective is to find the hidden TREASURE! Sometimes done in conjunction with the Survivor Challenge.

Ubuntu Challenge

The Ubuntu Challenge is a simulating experiential exercise that allows the team to work through a series of tasks and activities that result in “income” for your team or company. It is a great way of helping a team understand the interaction of strategy, tactics, execution, controls and team dynamics.

Kart ‘n Kill

The day begins with BAD news… There is a bomb at the Local Raceway that is designed to take out JHB and surroundings! Your regional bomb squads have been called in to SAVE THE DAY…this is your moment to show the nation you are the chosen one.

James Beyond

Live to Dine Another Day. The day begins with some savage paintballing games such as Defend the Castle, Civil War, Downed Pilot, Fox and Hounds and/or Vampires etc. After a brutal day of shooting your enemies and friends, we end it off like only James Beyond knows how…. A delicious dinner and a cocktail… Shaken not stirred. A potjie and cocktail making competition to end the day off with a bang.

Need For Speed

Design and build your very own push cart from a skeleton chassis. And then race it with pit lanes and all. Dress up, paint, build and bring your creativity & energy. This teambuild has it all.

Beyond Strip

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